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Maestro Liutaio


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award winning violinmaker of Cremona


Why choose a new violin?


A new violin has been recently constructed using modern materials, making it less susceptible to wear and tear compared to an antique violin. Additionally, the components of a new violin will be in excellent condition and will function perfectly.


A new violin can be built and customized to meet the specific needs of the musician. For example, the luthier can construct a violin with dimensions that are more suitable for the musician, or with a specific shape of soundboard to accommodate the musician's preferences for sound.

The sound of a new violin is destined to flourish over time, resonating with the musician who plays it.


A new violin typically comes with a manufacturer's warranty, covering any manufacturing defects or operating problems. This can offer greater peace of mind compared to purchasing an antique violin, where there may be hidden issues or defects that were not identified during the purchase.

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