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Directly from Cremona: A Sneak Peek of Mondomusica

Set against a backdrop of art and culture, the city of Cremona annually becomes the stage for a globally significant event, tugging at the heartstrings of anyone with an affection for string instruments: Mondomusica.

In these days, one can truly feel how Cremona stands as the vibrant heart of global luthiery. The streets and workshops are already coming to life. Luthiers from every corner of Europe and the world begin to flow into the city, enriching the atmosphere with anticipation and excitement. It's a captivating scene where not only luthiers, but also traders, dealers, musicians, and true enthusiasts come together, sharing a common passion in this town.

At the center of this enthralling tableau, I will be present. This year, I have chosen to showcase a curated selection of instruments to the public. At my booth, number 213, on display will be a violin of the "Ornati" model, two "Guarneri" model violins, and a viola of my personal design measuring 43 cm. And, to add a touch of uniqueness, there will be a special cello crafted by my wife Yoko Yachi, which recently won third prize at the “Giovanni Battista Guadagnini” luthiery competition in Piacenza.

Of my four instruments, two represent innovation, being recently crafted, while the other two bring with them an aura of history, having been played in various halls. My desire is to offer a comprehensive sound panorama, where past and present merge into a single melody.

But words can only convey so much of this experience.

Hence, from the 22nd to the 24th of September, I invite all enthusiasts and the curious to visit my booth. It will be an opportunity to discover, listen, and even try out the instruments, experiencing firsthand the magical atmosphere that only Cremona can offer during Mondomusica.

I eagerly await meeting you and sharing my passion with you.



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