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The Art of Investing in Modern Cremona String Instruments

The world of music is a testament to art and precision. When it comes to string instruments, the legacy of craftsmanship becomes even more fascinating. Cremona, a city renowned worldwide for its exceptional luthiers, has been at the forefront of this artistic field for centuries, offering not just instruments, but timeless treasures that appreciate in value over the years.

Directly from Cremona: The Cradle of String Instruments

Located in the north of Italy, Cremona is a city revered for its legendary legacy in the creation of string instruments. Modern Cremonese luthiers, especially those internationally recognized, carry forward this legacy, creating violins, violas, and cellos that draw inspiration from classic Cremonese and Italian models. The unique varnishes they use are products of personal research, adding distinctive identities to their instruments.

Beyond the Melodies: String Instruments as Investments

A well-crafted Cremona string instrument is not just a musical instrument, but a precious asset. With the maturing of these instruments, their value appreciates. The prestige associated with a renowned luthier elevates the instrument's value, making it a sought-after asset that increases in value over time. Therefore, purchasing a modern Cremona string instrument becomes an investment that promises both melodious and monetary returns.

The Power of Long-Term Investment

Investing in a Cremona string instrument is a wise long-term strategy. These instruments are like wine; they become richer and more complex with age. As they mature, so does their value, thanks to the continued demand for these handmade works of art. Their unique narrative, craftsmanship, and association with a respected Cremonese luthier enhance their value, transforming them into precious artifacts.

In support of this appreciation of string instruments over time, I have an interesting handwritten letter from the 19th-century French luthier and merchant, Jean Baptiste Vuillaume. In his 1858 letter, Vuillaume discussed the prices of Cremonese instruments of his time with a client (Mr. Karmann of Cincinnati, USA). It is fascinating to note that since then, the price of these instruments has multiplied ten times relative to the cost of living!

The Luthier's Perspective: Three Key Factors for Appreciation Over Time

However, it is not enough to consider the age of a musical instrument to determine its growing value. As a luthier, I can confirm that there are three key factors that will influence the price increase of a musical instrument in the future:

  1. The first is the quality of the materials used to build the instrument. The use of fine woods, like high-quality maple, has a significant impact on the value of the investment.

  2. The second factor is the sound of the instrument. An instrument that produces a rich, complex, and harmonious sound will undoubtedly have a greater demand and value.

  3. Finally, the reputation of the luthier, especially in terms of recognitions and awards received in competitions, represents an important indicator of value. A well-established reputation can significantly increase the value of an instrument.

Conclusion: An Investment in Art, Heritage, and Value

Investing in a modern Cremona string instrument is an investment in the art of music, in the heritage of Cremona, and in an asset that appreciates over time. Whether it's professional musicians in search of the purest sound, collectors looking for timeless works of art, or investors seeking precious assets, a modern Cremona string instrument stands as a unique and wise investment that promises a melodious future full of growing value.

For more information or to discuss your specific interests, I invite you to contact me by email at I will be pleased to share my passion, my commitment to excellence, and my efforts to continue the tradition of Cremonese luthiery. I look forward to designing together this exciting journey destined to last for generations.



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