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The Rebirth of My Viola: A Melody from Cremona to Moscow

Updated: Jul 17, 2023

The Journey of a Master Luthier: From Creation to Restoration

Direct from the historical city of Cremona, home to the most famous luthiers in the world, I invite you to discover a fascinating chapter in my career. Today, I would like to share with you the story of a special piece from my repertoire: the viola of renowned Japanese violist Sakura Tateishi.

Crafted by my hands in 2007, this viola is not a simple instrument, but a masterpiece of luthiery. In the year of its birth, it won three awards at the prestigious Tchaikovsky Violinmaking Competition in Moscow (Bronze medal, special awards for the best technical-artistic work in the viola category and across all categories), bearing testimony to its excellence and my commitment to its creation.

The Whisper of Restoration: A Game of Skill and Perseverance

When Sakura turned to me to restore the varnish of her beloved instrument, I accepted with the honor and humility that my craft demands. During a month of restoration, I faced a silent challenge of skill and tenacity.

The old varnish was appropriately retouched, and in some areas, it was delicately removed layer by layer to reveal the bare essence of the wood.

Then, with the same care, a new varnish was applied, bringing the instrument as close as possible to the original with a suitable "patina" to give the instrument the correct effect of the passing years.

Sakura Tateishi and Her Beloved Viola

Sakura, the virtuous owner of this viola, has formed a deep emotional bond with it. Over the years, she has accompanied it through performances and rehearsals, becoming an extension of her musical identity. It was her trust in me that led her to entrust her most precious instrument to me for restoration.

The Sound Test: The Awakening of a Melodious Song

The sound test that followed the restoration surpassed all expectations. As Sakura touched the strings of her reborn viola, the entire hall filled with a full, warm, and enveloping sound, an apotheosis of my craftsmanship and the tonal versatility of the viola.

Through the art of my craft, a piece of wood transforms into something more than a simple instrument: it becomes a living being that sings and resonates with life. The success of this project demonstrates that my creations are not mere instruments, but true companions in a musician's life.

If you are fascinated by the voice of a handcrafted string instrument, I invite you to discover the masterpieces I have created. Each instrument is a unique piece, made with care and passion to meet the individual needs of each musician. I invite you to visit my website to discover my portfolio and see how I can help you bring your ideal sound to life. For custom commissions or for more information, do not hesitate to contact me directly.



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