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The Sound Renaissance at Cremona Mondomusica

Directly from Cremona, undisputed oasis of violin making, I am preparing to step back onto the stage of the most prominent stringed instrument fair in Europe.

Picture a violin, silent for years, that suddenly rediscovers its voice: this is the narrative of my return to Cremona Mondomusica from 22 to 24 September.

And so, with renewed enthusiasm, the countdown begins: just 100 days and I will finally return to the beating heart of this extraordinary event, after more than a decade of absence. A unique blend of art and passion, Cremona Mondomusica provides a stage like no other.

During the event, I will present a selection of my instruments, each with its unique and unforgettable voice, both the new ones and those that have already had the fortune of being played. The opportunity to play both will allow visitors to live a complete experience, witnessing firsthand the sound journey each instrument undertakes from the moment of its creation. The evolution of sound, from the vibrant timbre of the first notes, to the rich and deep complexity of matured melodies, will be an unmissable experience.

My return to Cremona Mondomusica also marks the end of a long period of isolation, caused by the pandemic, and the beginning of a new chapter full of connections and live music. It's an invitation to take part in this incredible rebirth, a return to the roots, a tribute to music and the art of violin making.

I look forward to seeing you at Cremona Mondomusica 2023, ready to share unforgettable moments with you, rich in art, passion, and above all, music. It will be an opportunity to unite, learn, and celebrate what binds us: the love for music and the art of violin making.

See you soon!



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